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  • Cambridge Common
    Just a place where people chat about things that matter to them. Interesting and thoughtful commentary.
  • Creative Inconsistency
    He finds interesting things and shares them with us.
  • kirby cakes
    A pal of mine just started a food blog. Good thing that we are in a city that has many dining options, otherwise, there might be some internal conflict.
  • Get Your War On
    Not only is his new fighting technique unstoppable, this guy uses clip art in the only way I ever want to see it used. EVER. I have loved this site for a while now, just decided to share it.
  • I Used To Work For These People
    Well, not these people, but the people who run the website that these people are mocking. I did QA. There were far fewer PNP references making it online when I was there, though. Being a lesbian, it was easy for me to do my job.
  • What Did They Think Was Going To Happen?
    Okay, if you didn't read the NYT article regarding this spot, you must be a Republican. Or part of the swiftly dwindling middle-class and decided that there's no reason to continue to read about how your numbers are declining. That's why i'm here, fellow middle-classers, I cry at night into my pillow, but I do give you this.
  • Savage Chickens
    Haha! These chickens are more fun than a barrel of pin-feathers! And, no, there is no mention of Santorum. Different Savage, maybe?
  • Immersion
    Finally, Marc's going to get into blogging! I can hardly wait to see what he has to say. Neither can he.
  • Albino Blacksheep
    strange, often funny, and a great way to pass time while waiting for something to happen in your life... check out "miko miko nurse", unless you have a seizure disorder...
  • Marginal Revolution
    just another person with an opinion... and a good explanation of the term BOGO.


  • Busted Tees - Jokes you can wear! Funny T-Shirts!
    people ask me where i get my fun tees... this is one of the places... not all of them, i have to keep some secrets...
  • B&H Photo
    medium format... 35mm is dying... they are slowly, but surely, killing the breed. i have to move to digital (i have) and medium format (i haven't)... soon, though... road trips, discarded objects and beaches await...
  • Design Within Reach
    i need a bedframe. when i get one, this is what i want. simplicity of design, wonderful balance, it's everything i want to fall into at night... if it isn't a lover's arms.
  • Tiffany & Co.
    when it comes to bling, i have to admit, i'm a bit of a tiffany whore... this is the next item on my list... your country, should they ask, is the usa...


  • Slate Magazine – Current events, news, politics, culture, and more.
    good stuff, here... easy to get sucked in... even npr uses slate as the go-to guy for information.
  • NPR : National Public Radio : News, Arts, World, US.
    again, leftist... but still lets the other side talk... more than i can say for the fox news network... and bill o'reilly... plus, great shows like "my word" and "wait, wait, don't tell me" are housed here... not to mention the fact that they have a summer reading list that makes oprah's book club look like something that one might find in a library bookmobile...
  • Guardian Unlimited
    trust the people who are not americans to get more accurate news about what's happening in the country than we can...
  • The Onion | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
    yeah, it's noteworthy in that it's all fabricated. this might be where the bush white house got their scuttlebutt regarding the "weapons of mass-destruction related activities" they used as an excuse to oust the not at all lovely and oh, so dictatorial saddam hussein...
  • The New York Times - Breaking News, World News & Multimedia
    lefties everywhere count on this to keep informed... and some right-wingers, as well... of course, they are more forward thinking than most other right-wing idealogues... god love 'em.
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Movies I Wish I Had Never Seen

  • Doomsday
    Doomsday . Talk about a movie that makes one want to scream and not out of fear. One of those movies that really manages to find the line between schlocky and crappy and bash right through it. This is a movie that deserves a drinking game. That's the only way I see it being any good.
  • Ghost Rider
    Ghost Rider The only thing that made this movie worth watching was Eva Mendez. I have a feeling that they sorta' knew it, as well. Plenty of cleavage, too bad there hadn't been as much story to go along with it.
  • Angels in America
    Angels in America Maybe it's me, but I know that it isn't. I have talked to several more people than myself about this movie adaptation and we all agree; this film should never had been made. I hope that that play was better, because I can't see what all the fuss was about.
  • Gladiator
    Gladiator I watched this movie in the theatre, with my then partner. It was a very painful movie to sit through, especially because I couldn't make any jokes about how bad the movie was to anyone.
  • Match Point
    Match Point Two hours and four minutes of my life that I will never, NEVER get back. Thanks, Woody. No, I mean it.

Movies Worth Seeing

  • Ratatouille : Rat-a-too-ee
    I love food! Not so crazy about rats. This movie gave me goosebumps, the cgi was so good! The story was fun, as well.
  • 12 Angry Men (1957)
    Oh, man, is this one of the best movies i've ever seen. Had a partner who wasn't native to America and I decided to give her an education in classic American movies. This was one of them. So was Faster Pussycat Kill, Kill. That was fun, as well.
  • Best In Show
    Yes, what can I say? Just like this one.
  • SAW
    Oh, yes... creepy as Hell and incredibly satisfying for anyone into gore who also wants to think. Not to mention amazingly complex tortures. I watched this one all by myself at the condo. Late at night. And i'd do it again.

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