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16 August 2009

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27 March 2009

eat... drink... sin...

  • cajun in the north
    hell's kitchen, the real one, has this great little place. every time i find myself in the big apple, i try to hit it. they have fried green tomatoes and abita beer. what more could a southern girl want? deltagrill
  • bubbly stuff...
    i love this champagne... the cellarmaster is funny and knows how to saber a bottle with a spoon. he showed me how to do it, so i can, as well. perrier-jouet
    my personal fave is the 1999 blanc de blancs... alas, i have one bottle left...
  • cheap and tasty... if you're in atlanta...
    be nice, they don't hold for attitude. great beer and scotch list.

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Drink This

  • - krug -
    Oh, man, this stuff really knocks it out of the park. It's pricey as hell; but if there is a special occasion that requires the hands-down best sparkling wine in the world, this is the stuff. The rose cannot be beat. I want to have it at my wedding. But only for the people who can appreciate it. Not the neophytes who just won't get it. They can have Dom Perignon.
  • Plymouth Gin
    Yes, this is my favorite gin. I once entered a cocktail contest and almost won a trip to London from these people.
  • Woodford Reserve
    Bourbon is my favorite social lubricant after champagne. It's also easier to find at a bar.

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